Spectrum Essentials Flaxseed, Organic, Ground, Premium, 24 Oz

Spectrum Essentials

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24 Oz, 1 Each -- Spectrum essentials organic cold milled ground flaxseed has premium quality seeds rich in sdg lignans, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber, supporting heart and digestive health. We use a proprietary milling process that finely slices seeds rather than crushing them, thereby preventing the loss of valuable nutrients from oxidation. They are immediately packaged in a light-protected pouch and flushed with an inert gas to ensure optimum nutritive benefits and freshness. Certified usda organic and non-gmo, includes one 24 oz. Pouch of spectrum essentials organic cold milled ground flaxseed.

Attributes: 95%+ Organic, Kosher, GMO Free

Ingredients: Organic Cold Milled Ground Flaxseed

Country of Origin: United States

Keywords: Baking, Cereal, Digestion, Fiber, Gmo, Grain, Heart, Non, Oats, Seeds

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