Liddell Vital Hgh, 1 Fl Oz

Liddell Homeopathic

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1 Oz, 1 Each -- Liddell vital age defiance homeopathic fast acting oral spray contains ingredients that temporarily boost energy and improve sleep. This doctor-recommended formula comes in a convenient accurate-dose spray pump and quickly absorbs into your system. Spray it twice beneath your tongue up to three times daily to experience its energy-enhancing effects. This is a 1 fl. Oz. Bottle of liddell homeopathic oral spray.

Ingredients: Human Growth Hormone 30x, 2 Parts, Pituitaria Glandula Suis 30x, Hepar Suis 6x, 1 Pan, Purpose, May Temporarily Relieve Low Energy, Lack Of Vigor, Sleeplessness, Organic Alcohol 30% V/v, Purified Water

Country of Origin: United States

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