Aloha Bay’s Votive Jar Candle - Unscented Rainbow - 2.5 oz - 12 ct

Aloha Bay’s Votive Jar Candle - Unscented Rainbow - 2.5 oz - 12 ct

Aloha Bay

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  • Case of 12 Colorful Rainbow Candles
  • RSPO Certified Palm Wax
  • Estimated Burn Time: 16 hours

Country of Origin: United States

Ingredients: Aloha Bay Votive Jar Candle

Product Description

Aloha Bay’s Unscented Rainbow Votive Jar Candle is a candle hand poured by real people. This votive candle has colorful layers that are poured at different times to ensure each layer is dried before adding another colored layer. Pouring in distinct layers and letting each cool before the next pour is one of Aloha Bay’s signature techniques to create each candle's brilliant color and attractive texture. Hand pouring in layers traps much less air in the wax. This results in a denser, longer burning candle compared to one that's machine-made.

About Aloha Bay: While on a business trip to Jakarta in 2001, Bart became acquainted with two Indonesian businessmen, Ong Wen Ping and Prananto Nugroho. The two of them had been close friends for many years and worked for big corporations. Then, while sampling a never ending variety of Indonesian and Chinese dishes, the idea of setting up a candle factory together was born. This Fair Trade factory uses only simple candle making tools developed by Bart and no heavy machinery. In addition, Java is famous for the quality of its crafts people. Wax is heated with solar power. Our belief is that "handmade" means this: more hands, more jobs, less crime and a happy village. We provide year round work for the people in this rural area, where employment for decent pay is scarce.

Aloha Bay is very committed to help farmers, crafts people, and other workers to earn a decent income while maintaining their traditional lifestyles with dignity and hope for their future. In 2012 our sister factory won the social impact award by the European Union's Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI). The CBI identifies inspiring, innovative enterprises that solve problems and provide solutions for society and the environment.

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