Airborne Effervescent Tablets Very Berry Vitamin C - 10 Tablets

Airborne Effervescent Tablets Very Berry Vitamin C - 10 Tablets


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  • The effervescent formula in tasty Very Berry Flavor Add to your favorite beverage
  • 1,000 mg of Vitamin C per tablet to support your immune system
  • High in antioxidants (Vitamins A, C & E) and an excellent source of Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese
  • A special blend of 9 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs
  • Proprietary Herbal Blend including Echinacea & Ginger
  • Herbal Blend including Echinacea & Ginger
  • NO Gluten, NO GMOs, NO Artificial Sweeteners, No Artificial Flavors, and No Fat.
  • Natural ingredients, natural sweetener & flavors.
  • Helps Support Your Immune System
  • Dissolves in cold or hot water

Country of Origin: United States

Ingredients:  Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Sodium, Potassium, Maltodextrin, Lonicera japonica, forsythia suspensa, schizonepeta tenuifolia, ginger, Vitex trifolia, Isatis tinctoria, echinacea purpurea, L-Lysine hydrochloride, L-glutamine, sorbitol, citric acid, artificial flavor, silicon dioxide, polyethylene glycol, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, carmine color

Product Description

Airborne Effervescent Tablets deliver real immune support in a fizzy tablet that dissolves in cold or hot water. A unique combination of 14 vitamins, minerals, and herbs, this powerful formula is trusted by many people. The refreshing very berry flavor and invigorating fizz make an enjoyable drink. The key ingredients in Airborne Effervescent Tablets support immune health. The blend of herbs works together with carefully selected vitamins and minerals to support your immune system. 1 daily serving (1 effervescent tablet) of our crafted blend of 13 vitamins minerals, and herbs is designed to help support your immune health*. Each tablet contains 1000mg of Vitamin C plus Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc, and 35.5 mg of herbal blend including Echinacea and Ginger.

About Airborne: Airborne is more than Vitamin C. It’s a daily dose of confidence delivered through a uniquely crafted blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs. It’s a blast of immune support that gives you the confidence to take on the day. The original Airborne recipe was cooked up by an ingenious teacher about 20 years ago. Throughout the school year, she wanted to provide her immune system with proper support. From her kitchen, Airborne moved quickly to the local farmer’s market and beyond. The original tablet, handcrafted from a carefully considered blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, was a big deal for people looking for a way to support their immune system. We require that raw materials from our partners meet strict certification and specifications to make sure ingredients are up to par. We also check that their facilities meet standards by conducting on-site audits. Our lab technicians test and retest every product batch. Our raw ingredients and manufacturing processes are constantly monitored to ensure you’re getting a safe and high-quality product. We follow the Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) regulations enforced by the FDA, which means that our production process is precisely controlled. We’re all about freshness and transparency with added labels clearly stating all ingredients, recommended serving, and expiration date. Our company guarantee all of our products’ purity, freshness, and labeled potency.

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